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Catering Customers

Acquiring + Retaining Catering Customers for Your Restaurant
Helping Restaurant Owners to Acquire and Retain Catering Customers

Do you have a restaurant? Are you interested in acquiring new catering customers for your restaurant? If so, read on, as we may be able to collaborate together! I help restaurateurs like yourself to build out their catering business with local offices, event coordinators and party planners. I work with large name brand franchises like Subway, Panera Bread, Quizno's and El Pollo Loco as well as local, mom-n-pop run authentic establishments. If your business is built on good food and excellent service for your customers, I'd love to learn how I can help you to increase your catering sales to local customers in and around your neighborhood. Send an email to (or use the contact form below) to learn more about how you can get new customers for your catering business.


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Hello and, welcome to !! My name is Scott Schroeder, some people call me Scotty ;-)
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